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  1. Job Config History plugin:
    Will lead to a Stack Overflow due to an infinite loop on a property request on startup; this heavily delays the start and slows down Jenkins in general.
  2. Artifactory plugin:
    The artifactory options are not visible on projects/jobs using the inheritance plug-in.
  3. Jenkins:
    "This build is parameterized" message sometimes appears twice. Only one of the two fields actually contains & controls parameters. The other is a blank stub that does not save anything.
  4. Rebuilder plugin: 
    If that plug-in is not installed, you will see a "ClassNotFoundException" on "RebuildValidatorSuppressor". This error is harmless, as all that class does is to disable the Rebuilder plug-in for inheritance-controlled jobs (as the plug-in has its own rebuild implementation). What is not there can't be disabled, you see.
  5. Various SCM plugins:
    Polling will only work for many SCM plug-ins, if the SCM property or its polling property is enabled is defined on a job itself, but not if it's inherited. We are investigating whether this can be fixed without having to alter the code of the SCM plug-ins themselves.


Version 1.4.12 (10. October 2013)

  • Hotfix for v1.4.11 -- there was a regression with the "properties not being evaluated in the correct order" bugfix.

Version 1


.4.11.1 (09. October 2013)

  • Identical to v1.4.11. Re-upload because maven created a snapshot instead of release version