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Visualisation of Continuous Delivery pipelines. Renders pipelines based on upstream/downstream jobs or Jenkins pipelines. Provides a full screen view for information radiators.

In Continuous Delivery, feedback and visualisation of the delivery process is one of the most important areasaspects. When using Jenkins as a build/CI/CD server, it is with the Delivery Pipeline plugin possible to visualise one or more delivery pipelines in the same view, even in full screen.

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Jenkins jobs are tagged with a stage and a task name. In the screenshot above, the pipeline consists of four three stages called Build, CI, QA and ProductionCommit stage, Test stage and Deployment. The second first stage is called CI and consists of two tasks called Deploy and Test"Build, package and run unit tests" and "Build and publish artifacts". Each task corresponds to a traditional Jenkins job.

The plugin requires your pipelines to be built using traditional Jenkins jobs either with downstream/upstream relationships or using Jenkins pipelines. For downstream/upstream jobs, automatic promotion steps use the Parameterized Trigger Plugin and for while manual steps , use are provided using the Build Pipeline plugin manual trigger .(see example with manual trigger below). Aggregated view shows the latest version for each stage.



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Full screen view

Example screenshot when using the Delivery Pipeline plugin in full screen view (suitable for information radiators):

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Using traditional Jenkins jobs

  • Create jobs with downstream/upstream relationships.
  • Tag your Jenkins jobs with which stage it belongs to and the task name in the "Delivery Pipeline configuration" section.

Jenkins pipelines

  • Create a Jenkins pipeline. No additional configuration is needed as the stage nodes are used for rendering the pipeline view. Tasks can be defined using the task pipeline step. Multi-branch pipelines are also supported.
  • The following blog post shows how to use task's inside pipeline stages for a more fine-grained visualization of pipelines using the Delivery Pipeline plugin:


  • Create a view by clicking the +
  • Choose "Delivery Pipeline View" for traditional jobs with upstream/downstream dependencies, or "Delivery Pipeline View for Jenkins pipelines" when using Jenkins pipelines. Give the view a name.
  • Configure the view by choosing the number of pipeline instances, component name and choose the first Jenkins job for each pipeline (applicable for traditional Jenkins jobs).

Manual Triggers

  • Make sure that the Build Pipeline plugin is installed and enabled.
  • Create or edit a job and add a Postbuild action