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  • Automatically look for lamps in the subnet (1.0)
  • Possibility to label lamps, for easy ideantification (1.0)
  • Manually add lamps given the IP adress (1.1)
    • This is particularly useful for large Jenkins installation, where broadcasting to the whole subnet wouldn't be ideal
  • Possibility to enable an alarm sound on the lamps (1.2)
  • Event stream CLI (1.3)
    • This allows to reach lamps that sit behind a firewall
  • Possibility to use sound effects on the lamps (1.4)
  • Optional aggregate results for lamps with multiple jobs. (1.5)
    • After 3 seconds from the end of the build the worst last results among the jobs is shown.



  • Added support for aggregating results for lamps with multiple jobs


  • Bug Fixes


  • Added support for sound effects on the lamp
  • Bug Fixes