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titleDeprecated: This plugin has been removed from the Jenkins Update Centre

The Apptwack service no longer exists.
Archived versions of this plugin remain available for download.

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A Jenkins CI plugin for running Android/iOS mobile tests on 100s of real devices using AppThwack.

Check out the Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps with AppThwack and Jenkins blog series for more information.


  • Easily add testing on 100s of real Android/iOS devices to your build process.
  • Supports all major open source frameworks:
    • Android
      • JUnit/Robotium/Espresso
      • Calabash
      • UI Automator
      • MonkeyTalk
      • Selendroid
      • Appium
    • iOS
      • UI Automation
      • KIF
      • OCUnit
      • XCTest
      • Calabash
      • MonkeyTalk
      • Appium
  • Project level trend graph for pass/warn/fail tests.
  • Individual test results organized by test device.
  • CPU/Memory/Thread Count/Network Stats/GFX Stats trend graphs per run.
  • ListColumnView to show pass/warn/fail numbers for most recent run.
  • Automatic download of all test artifacts (log files, screenshots, etc).


Pass/Warn/Fail By Job

Easy Project/Device Pool Configuration

Pass/Warn/Fail Trends

Most Recent Results

Performance Graphs