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This task can be used with RapidDeploy 3.4.5+.

For this particular Jenkins step, versions 3.7 and higher of the plugin are only compatible with RapidDeploy 4.0 or higher.


  • RapidDeploy server url: provide the server path where your RapidDeploy with the starting http included (e.g.:
  • RapidDeploy authentication token: provide your authentication token, which can be generated by the encryptor tool. The tool is placed under the server home directory in tools: run-web-service-encrypter.
  • RapidDeploy project: select a project from the list provided
  • Package name (optional): set a specific package name. If not filled, the next version will be assigned to the package automatically. This field doesn’t have to be used in general.
  • Archive extension: choose the package type from a list of extensions.