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How to view Jenkins in your language.


Table of Contents

Translations to Specific languages

What developers need to know/do


  1. You identify messages that need be localized
  2. You place that in One can choose to have this file for each package, or you could just have one such file for the whole module/plugin.
  3. You run mvn compile once to re-generate
  4. Update your code to use the newly generated message formatting method


    As usual, looking at how the core code does this might help you get the idea of how to do this.


    Note: If your message contains single quote character ('), then you need to escape it with another single quote character (i.e. ''). So "that's" becomes "that''s". If you're in need of an apostrophe character you might consider using ’ - the unicode character U+2019, written in properties file as \u2019.

Marking messages in jelly files


If you have multiple parameters you can pass them by separating ',' (just like a function call), and from property files you can reference them as {0}, {1}, etc., by following the MessageFormat class convention.

Finally, let's Now consider the case where you put a message in an expression like this. Suppose you have a Jelly file like this:


No Format
<p>${h.ifThenElse(x,"%no error","%error")}</p>

Finally, because you can use expressions in Jelly, you need to ensure your regular strings don't contain brackets.
For example, this will not parse correctly, as it will be parsed as an expression:

No Format
<h1>${%Path to file (.ipa or .apk)}</h1>

You need to create two separate strings in this case:

No Format
<h1>${%Path to file} (${%.ipa or .apk})</h1>

Creation of html files for help tips.


The Jenkins project always welcomes contributions to translations. If you are interested in helping us, please drop us a note on the dev mailing list so that we can give you commit accessjust file a pull request on GitHub. In the remainder of this section, we'll discuss what needs to be translated and how.


See NetBeans plugin for Stapler for details.

Translation Completeness Reports

Visit for Glottr Report by Unknown User (swiest)