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Comment: Added note for version 19.08.02


There are the known issues for version 219.008.002.

  • JaCoCo plugin
    • The JaCoCo build trend graph does not render correctly, if the JaCoCo property is inherited, instead of defined on the leaf projects.
      The coverage report shows up, but the graph will fail to load properly.
      This can lead to all HTTP threads of Jenkins to become busy with rendering the graph, until the action times out and fails (after 1-2 minutes).


Version 19.08.02 (20. August 2019)

The 19.08.01 version had an issue, where the "Archive the artifacts" post-build step was unconditionally hidden from the config screen.

That was acceptable for the internal release, but of course not for the wider open source release.

This version is the same as 19.08.01, but defaults to keeping the post-build step visible while offering a global configuration option to disallow the step, if need be.

Version 19.08.01 (20. August 2019)

This release combines all the changes that we implemented since 2017 for our internal version.
It also aligns the externally visible versioning scheme to the one used internally at Intel, which will make it easier to align the code more often. Versions will now be numbered with a "Year.Month.Release" scheme.