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  1. Job Configuation : You need to specify an ant compatible search path where testng plugin will look for testng resutl xml files. If your result xml files are not located under job/workspace and you need to specify a relative path , make sure that the below checkbox is selected.

Change Log

Release 1.1 (Feb 1st, 2013)

  • Fixed: JENKINS-16592 - Invalid URL in testngreport on tests execution history chart

Release 1.0 (Jan 21st, 2013)

  • Added: Implement AbstractTestResultAction
  • Removed: deprecated class BuildIndividualReport (deprecated since v0.23)
  • Removed: deprecated fields isRelativePath, results, fullName (were deprecated since v0.23 or earlier)
  • Changed: duration in results to be seconds instead of milliseconds (as we now implement AbstractTestResultAction)
  • Removed: Commented out Age column from reports as it wasn't symmetrical to Junit reports. Needs re-implementation
  • Fixed: JENKINS-16374 - Allow concurrent builds for Projects using TestNG plugin to proceed