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% java -jar swarm-client-jar-with-dependencies.jar -help 
 -autoDiscoveryAddress VAL : Use this address for udp-based auto-discovery
 -description VAL          : Description to be put on the slave
 -disableSslVerification   : Disables SSL verification in the HttpClient.
 -executors N              : Number of executors
 -fsroot FILE              : Directory where Jenkins places files
 -help (--help)            : Show the help screen
 -labels VAL               : Whitespace-separated list of labels to be assigned
                             for this slave. Multiple options are allowed.
 -master VAL               : The complete target Jenkins URL like 'http://server
                             :8080/jenkins'. If this option is specified,
                             auto-discovery will be skipped
  -mode MODE                : The mode controlling how Jenkins allocates jobs to
                             slaves. Can be either 'normal' (utilize this slave
                             as much as possible) or 'exclusive' (leave this
                             machine for tied jobs only). Default is normal.
 -name VAL                 : Name of the slave
 -password VAL             : The Jenkins user password
 -username VAL             : The Jenkins username for authentication


This error indicates that the Jenkins master running at the given URL has never configured, and therefore the swarm client cannot determine its HTTP URL. To fix this problem, please go to the system configuration screen of this Jenkins, and click "submit".


Version 1.9 (Coming soon)
  • Add option for specifying Node.Mode(pull #3).
Version 1.8 (2012 Nov 21)
  • Changing broadcast to send a UDP packet payload of 128 bytes instead of 0
  • Allow slave connection without requiring UDP
  • Adds disableSslVerification option