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  • If you don't already have a Gearman server up and running somewhere you should install one.  Theoretically the plugin should work with any gearman server, but we've only used and tested it with the the python gear package.  Install this gearman implementation and run the server.  NOTE: the python gear implementation is only supported on Linux.  Specifically we run on Ubuntu. 
  • Install the Gearman plugin like any other Jenkins plugin, refer to the Jenkins documentation.  You can also get the plugin directly from the Jenkins CI Repository
  • After installation the Gearman plugin the configuration should appear in the Jenkins global configuration page.  Click on the help bubbles if you need additional help with the configuration.  You should test the connection to your Gearman Server before saving your configuration.  Select the 'Enable Gearman' checkbox and click save button will immediately start the gearman workers on the Jenkins server.