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  • Creating a new Android emulator
    • Its configuration can be parameterised, including OS version, screen size, locale and hardware properties
    • Android SDK dependencies are automatically downloaded and installed
  • Running any Android emulator
    • Waits until the emulator is fully started-up
    • Emulator snapshots can be automatically created
      • This allows a very fast startup time for subsequent builds
      • This ensures subsequent builds will start from the same clean state
    • Logs are automatically captured and saved
    • Emulator will be shut down automatically when the build has finished
    • Multiple instances of the same emulator are prevented from running concurrently
  • Detecting which Android platforms are required to build one or more projects and installing them automatically
  • Generating Ant build files for any app, test or library projects found in the workspace
  • Installing an Android package onto an emulator
  • Uninstalling an Android package from an emulator
  • Running the monkey stress-testing tool
  • Parsing output from running monkey
    • The build outcome can be automatically marked as unstable or failed in case a monkey-induced crash is detected


This build step requires no configuration — just add it before the build step that compiles your Android projects.

Creating project build files

If you only build a project in Eclipse or using another IDE, you may not have the required Ant build files created or checked into your repository.

Since version 2.8, the "Create Android build files" build step will automatically find any Android app, library or test projects in a build's workspace and will create the build files for them, using the appropriate "android update project" command.

Installing and uninstalling APKs


The latest source code can be found on GitHub:

Version history

Version 2.8 (February 1, 2013)

  • Add build step which creates Android build files for app, library and test projects
  • When auto-installing the Android SDK, now a more up-to-date version is installed (20.0.1)

Version 2.7.1 (November 29, 2012)

  • Fixed bug where emulators couldn't be launched with older SDK versions (JENKINS-15967)
    • Thanks to Jørgen Tjernø