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Nerrvana is a robust cloud-based Selenium testing solution. Nerrvana Plugin enables continuous integration with Nerrvana cloud.

The Nerrvana Jenkins plugin allows you to




functional and cross browser Selenium testing of your web applications


It uses Nerrvana’s API for communication with the

in Nerrvana cloud.


Nerrvana plugin implements the following functionality

  • Creates a configuration file in the Nerrvana user interface;
  • Synchronizes tests extracted from the version control system with tests stored in the corresponding Nerrvana space;
  • Adds Jenkins build number to the name of the generated test run;
  • Allows you to dynamically add information to the description of the created test run (for example, a committer name, revision number, or commit message);
  • If you use Nerrvana messages, the plug-in can analyse test results and , set the status of a build, depending on the level of errors found and show Nerrvana error report in Jenkins.

Check out our documentation for details.


The plugin uses LFTP to synchronize tests between Jenkins and Nerrvana. LFTP must be installed (yum install lftp) on the same server running Jenkins.

Plugin configuration

To create a configuration file for the Nerrvana plugin, go to Nerrvana the page ‘Add new test run’ or ‘Edit test run’.

Plugin documentation



We recommend that you run your tests from Nerrvana's UI and verify that Nerrvana can run them before proceeding. The process for running tests manually is described on the Get Started page.


Detailed plugin documentation is available here