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Wiki Markup

This plugin displays icon(s) representing the cause(s) of a build directly in the build history. It lets you quickly know which cause triggered a build.

Without this plugin, you may sometimes wonder what triggered a particular build shown in the build history.
To know it, you have to open each link separately, which can be cumbersome.

Note: after installation, the plugin will currently only add icons on new builds. Old builds won't have the indicator.


On builds

Last Build Trigger Column

Image Modified

Image Modified
A tooltip on each icon is available for details.

Wait, this does not work, I see a question mark icon for my builds!


Changelog (note: the date format below is the logical one, not the american one (wink))

Version 2.9 -  

Version 2.8 - 17/02/2017

  • Support the branch-api plugin's jenkins.branch.BranchEventCause.