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  1. Expand the board from 3 people to 5 people; Unknown User (kohsuke) holding a permanent board seat until such a time he decides to resign.
  2. Have election every year, electing 2 people in each year (that means the term is 2 years, without term limit: you can be candidate and be re-elected indefinitely)
  3. There'll be a period of 3 weeks designated for the board to encourage the community to send in the nominations. The board will meet in private to come up with the list of candidates at the end
  4. Any company should not dominate in the board (see below)
    • The number of board members affiliated with one company must be less than 50%
    • If a board member gets employed by a company and the limitation gets violated, somebody must step down and the board will follow the #Interim Procedures
  5. Use Single Transferrable Vote Condorcet Internet Voting Service as the algorithm to elect multiple people in one vote.
  6. You earn the voting right by having an account on prior to the last election. (to avoid last minute rush since we have few other criteria for voters.) For the first election, we will create the election cut-off based on the date when this proposal is ratified.


  1. Odd number of people prevents the tie problem
  2. Given the low bar to the committership, we couldn't really come up with any criteria to decide who has the voting right. At the same time, we did want to restrict who can vote (as opposed to anyone unrelated to the project) for the stability.


  1. Account app gets updated
    1. it'll keep track of voter registration status
    2. it'll accept votes
  2. Use stv as the implementation.
  3. Anonymized voting record gets published for verification