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What is it?


Lets you control Xvfb virtual frame buffer X11 server with each build. It starts Xvfb before the build starts, and stops it with the build. This is very useful if your build requires X11 access, for instance runs tests that require GUI.

titleNew feature in version 1.1.0 - Jenkins Pipeline support

With 1.1.0 Pipeline support has landed, you can now use Xvfb to wrap other pipeline steps:

Code Block

node {
  wrap([$class: 'Xvfb']) {
    ... your steps here


titleNew feature in version 1.0.9 - auto display name (on newer Xvfb versions)

Use Let Xvfb choose display name option with Xvfb that supports displayfd option to choose the display number automatically by Xvfb.

Getting help

Please use the users mailing list, Stackoverflow or ask on one of the chats. This page was not designed for support, please do no comment on it asking for help. If you encounter bugs or issues please create a ticket in the issue tracker, it would be really nice if you would research first and see if the issue you're experiencing is due to the Xvfb Jenkins plugin or with the Xvfb itself and the version of Xvfb you're using.


The plugin starts and stops the Xvfb virtual framebuffer X11 server so your jobs can use X11 displays in headless environments such as servers, or when dedicated X11 display is required for each job.