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  • Select the TwilioNotifier checkbox
  • In the To field, add phonenumbers that always will receive messages
  • In the Message field write the message you want to send. Special variables you can use:
    • %PROJECT% - references the name of the current project
    • %STATUS% - the current status of the project
    • %CULPRITS% - lists the display names of the users who did the check-ins associated with the current build.
  • If you want to send text messages, check the Send Text (SMS) message? checkbox
  • If you want to receive a call and have the message read to you, check the Call? checkbox
  • If you only want to send messages on failures and recovery, check the Only send message on failure or recovery? checkbox
  • If you want to send to the culprits who made the build fail through a check-in, check this box
  • And you can also specify a special culprit Culprit message for the culprits, different from the other message
  • For the text message, you can elect to add the build url by checking the Include the Build URL in the message? checkbox