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Managed scripts are shell scripts which are managed centrally by an administrator and can be referenced as a build step within jobs.


Within the job, a user is able to select the required script from a drop-down menu. The defined parameters are shown in respect to the selected script. The link enables the user to have a read-only look at the script.

Version History

1.4 (August 15, 2017)

  • fix JENKINS-45399 View selected scripts doesn't show correct script
  • fix JENKINS-42888 Missing argument labels when adding managed script as build step

1.3 (Dec. 27, 2016)

  • update to latest latest Config File Provider Plugin (1.5) and therefore now supports  CloudBees Folders Plugin
    the update of the config file provider plugin causes the configuration to be migrated to a new format and therefore a rollback to the former version will not be supported!



0.0.1 (10. Nov. 2011)

  • initial

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