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This plugin has some known limitations. For Example, Pipeline Plugin is not fully supported. See the documentation below for more details.


Table of contents

Table of Contents


  • Only previous environment variables are available for polling
    Some plugins provide polling mechanisms (such as SCM plugins, XTrigger plugins, ...) and you want to use injected environment variables in form fields of these plugins. Unfortunately, injected environment variables are processed only at build time therefore after the build is scheduled. Therefore, we can't access environment variables configured within the job. However, previous injected environment variables (from the previous build) are retrievable (implemented for example in the XTtrigger plugins). For the other plugins, authors are free to add the envinject-lib library dependency in their plugins in order to provide the ability to use environment variables given the EnvInject plugin.


Newer releases

See GitHub Releases

2.1.6 (Jul 07, 2018)

Release with minor improvements in the codebase:


  • (error) SECURITY-256 - Arbitrary Groovy code execution vulnerability
  • (error) SECURITY-348 - Low privilege users are able to read parts of some files on master



This plugin release is not fully compatible with Previous EnvInject versions. A manual job configuration update may be required. See the referenced issues for more information.


* Fix JENKINS-19852 - NPE during submission of EnvInject JobProperty configurations w/o admin permissions
* Fix JENKINS-19222 - EnvInject undefines NODE_NAME environment variable on master
* Fix JENKINS-23447 - Mask sensitive data in injectedEnvVars.txt when displayed on UI or persisted on disk
* Fix JENKINS-24785 - BUILD_CAUSE is always UPSTREAMTRIGGER in multi-configuration jobs



There are showstopper bugs reported to this version. Please avoid the upgrade till the next release