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Release Notes



Continuous Integration has become a widely adopted practice in modern software development. Jenkins & Hudson are great tools for supporting Continuous Integration.


  1. Install the plugin using the Hudson\Jenkins Plugin Manager and restart.
  2. Create a view of the new type Build Pipeline View.
    You will then be redirected directly to the configuration page.
  3. The table below outlines what each interesting parameter controls:


    The name of the Build Pipeline View


    This message will be displayed on the view page. Useful for describing what this view is about, or linking to relevant resources. Can contain HTML tags.

    Build Pipeline View Title

    Gives a title to the page that displays the view

    Select Initial Job

    This is the first job in the build pipeline. It will traverse through the downstream jobs to build up the entire build pipeline.
    Select from a drop-down list of jobs.

    No of Displayed Builds

    The number of historical builds to be displayed on a page.

    Restrict Trigger to the Most Recent Build

    Where applicable, restricts the appearance of a Trigger button to only the most recent build pipeline.
    Yes: Only the latest build pipeline will have a manual trigger button.
    No: All builds displayed on the view will have a manual trigger button.