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Jenkins Groovy Axis Plugin



This plugin allows to have scriptable axes for Matrix Jobs.

Groovy is the scripting language being used.

The script will have to return a list of strings and each of the strings will be an element of the axis.

If the script does not return a list of strings then

Code Block

will be returned instead.


Define an axis with three values:

Code Block
return [ "Axis1", "Axis2", "Axis3" ]

Define the same axis programmatically:

Code Block
def result = []
(1..3).each {
   result += "Axis"+it
return result

Define an axis whose values are the files in the root directory:

Code Block
def dir = new File('/')
def result = []
dir.eachFile {
   if (it.isFile()) {
      result += it.canonicalPath

return result