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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 5.3


  • Betetr revision state logging.
  • ChangeSets in the ChangeSetList are sorted by darcs hash for digest calculation.
  • Fixed issue 4: Check polling when patches are removed



  • Implemented XML sanitizing for mixed character encoding in Darcs XML output (Issue 1).



  • URI input form validation for Darcsweb and Darcsden code browsers.
  • Stripping of 'Ignore-this: ...' from patch comments.


  • Refactoring of Darcs command abstraction.
  • Fix NPE on calculating first revision state (issue #13).


  • Fix NPE: Because of serialization issues with the main the changelog parse may be null on build time (issue #13).


  • Fix problem that old configuration files won't be loaded correctly from versions prior to 0.3.6.