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<VirtualHost *:80>
  ProxyPreserveHost On
  ProxyRequests     Off
  AllowEncodedSlashes NoDecode
  Timeout 5400
  ProxyTimeout 5400		

  <Proxy "*">
    Order deny,allow
    Allow from all
    Authtype BASIC
    AuthName "Please sign in with your Apache user name and password"
    # file created with htpasswd
    AuthUserFile /usr/local/apache2/conf/passwd
    Require valid-user		

    # Remove these header before to set the right value after, it prevent the client from setting this header
    RequestHeader unset "X-Forwarded-User"
    RequestHeader unset "X-Forwarded-Groups"
    # Remove the basic authorization header to avoid to use it in Jenkins
    RequestHeader unset "Authorization"

    # Adds the X-Forwarded-User header that indicates the current user name.
    # this portion came from
    RewriteEngine On		

    # User to use to login in Jenkins
    RequestHeader set "X-Forwarded-User" "%{RU}e"
    # Groups are separated by |
    RequestHeader set "X-Forwarded-Groups" "%{RU}e|users"

    # strip the REALM of Kerberos Login
    # RequestHeader edit X-Forwarded-User "@REALM$" ""

    # see the Apache documentation on why this has to be lookahead
    RewriteCond %{LA-U:REMOTE_USER} (.+)
    # this actually doesn't rewrite anything. what we do here is to set RU to the match above
    # "NS" prevents flooding the error log
    RewriteRule .* - [E=RU:%1,NS]

  # sedsend you to the Jenkins instance
  ProxyPass "/jenkins" "" nocanon
  ProxyPassReverse "/jenkins" ""