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Preconditions: all "suggested plugins" are "installed" in Jenkins.

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Current features

  • Test suite and case details with trend graphs
  • Environment variable expansion for build paths in configuration
  • Wildcard support for output files for parsing and archiving of multiple Robot result files
  • Collection and archiving of original Robot report HTML files
  • Summary of Robot run on build page
  • Summary of latest Robot run on project page
  • Trend graph of passed tests over builds on project page
  • Marking build failed/unstable/successful according to pass thresholds given by user
  • Option of evaluating only critical tests against the pass thresholds
  • Listview column to show overall passed/failed tests in project listing and duration trend
  • Configurable archiving of arbitrary Robot related artifacts per build 
  • Token macros for usage with e.g. email-ext plugin
  • Test visibility in radiator views