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Repository Connector adds features for resolving artifacts from a Maven repository like Nexus or Artifactory.

When installing this plugin, you'll be given an additional build parameter 'Maven Repository Artifact' and a build step 'Artifact Resolver', allowing you to select versions from a remote repository and to download the artifact.


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Version History

1.2.6 (05. June 2019)

  • fix JENKINS-52669: IndexOutOfBoundsException after upgrade to 1.2.3

1.2.5 (05. Mar 2019)

  • don't store repository credentials in plain text

1.2.4 (18. May 2018)

  • fix JENKINS-50293: Repository Connector Plugin does not use Jenkins configured proxy correctly
  • fix JENKINS-50963: UpdatePolicy reset to default on edit 

1.2.3 (31. Jan 2018)