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Parameterize builds without requiring a user to submit a form when built manually.  Use different default values depending on whether the build was manual or triggered.


In our maven jobs, we configure the email parameter to be passed to a maven goal through "${}" and we also want to use that email address in the email configuration post-goals.  So, it would seem obvious that using parameterization would be the right way to go.  Except now the job required the user to submit an extra form every time a job is manually built.  Why do we care?  For one reason, it's slightly annoying, and that's bad.  But, the real reason is that we get accustomed to running jobs manually and as soon as we click the build button we turn our attention to something else, and forget that for some jobs we need to submit an additional form.  Many times I find myself checking back to see if a job has completed, and aaarg - I forgot to submit the parameters form.


We have some profiles that make the builds take a lot longer.  Those profiles need to be run nightly, but during the day, they're optional.  So, we make our Maven top level targets look like "clean install ${optionalProfiles}" and then we add a build parameter with a default value of "-Dmyprofile".  Then, if the job is run manually, the user clicks on that text field, and blanks it out, and then submits the form.  The profile doesn't get activated, but this is a pretty annoying work flow.