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titleDeprecated: This plugin has been removed from the Jenkins Update Centre

The plugin is not maintained anymore, and there's a better alternative: Gerrit Trigger.

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You might want to check Gerrit Trigger also. See for information about main differences.


This plugin integrates Gerrit Code Review to



It will mark a change verified if the build of the change was successful, effectively implementing a pre-tested commit workflow with Gerrit and the Git plugin (0.8.2 or later)


Using the latest release of the Gerrit plugin, along with recent builds of Gerrit itself are recommended. Thanks to a recent addition to Gerrit, one can now create "role accounts" such as one for the Hudson Jenkins <-> Gerrit integration.

  1. Generate an SSH key for the Hudson Jenkins user, the private key will need to be placed on the Hudson Jenkins master node.
  2. Create a "hudson" user in Gerrit: cat | ssh gerrithost gerrit create-account --ssh-key - --full-name Hudson hudson
  3. I recommend creating a group specifically for role accounts (such as "Bots" in the Admin > Groups interface in Gerrit)
  4. It is also useful to set up git-daemon(1) on the machine running Gerrit to allow your Hudson Jenkins slaves anonymous access to the repository, otherwise you'll need to set up all the slaves that will be running your Gerrit-enabled jobs with SSH access.


  1. Create a new job, adding your Git repository. Change the Refspec field to reference +refs/changes/*:refs/remotes/origin/* instead of +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*. Also, make sure you have chosen the "Gerrit-Plugin" choosing strategy, NOT "Gerrit" as in the image below (Choosing strategy was moved from Git-plugin to Gerrit-plugin and the name haed to be changed).
  2. Add your build steps as per usual
  3. Check the "Gerrit Integration" checkbox in the Post-build Actions section.
  4. Build!
  5. Once you're certain your job is configured correctly, visit Gerrit and grant the "hudson" account's group (i.e. "Bots") "+1 Verified" access to all projects, so it can annotate the changes with +1 or -1.




  • Aborted builds won't be marked as failed anymore
  • Moved buildchooser from git-plugin, use "Gerrit-Plugin" choosing strategy from now on.
  • Fix for issue when using Cygwin+Git.


  • Perhaps add possibility to set review values also, for example when code analysis tools report errors. + Collector + Plugin might be useful.


Basic settings for plugin, remember to add user into gerrit.

Settings for Git -plugin (Available in 0.8.2)



Jenkins shows up in gerrit

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