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Global build stats plugin will allow to gather and display global build result statistics.
It is a useful tool allowing to display global jenkins/hudson build trend over time.


Product backlog

Known issues

Jira Issues
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Future version(s)

Identified issues :
JENKINS-7241: Special characters in chart title ("é" for example) are not well filling textfields in edit form
Fix legend item sorting (for now, sort depends on alphabetical order... that's why statuses are prefixed with "1), 2).."
Fix date displayed on build search view, due to yui calendars
Rename persisted node names in global-build-stats.xml after node is renamed

Features :
Test global build stat behaviour under IE & Safari
Cache chart renderings (provide a checkbox in the buildStatConfiguration, allowing to enable chart caching with a given refresh rate based on selected time scale). Chart rendering will cache chart in-memory (thus it will consume a little bit more memory) but will reduce the CPU used when displaying the chart. It feets particularly well if you decide to "share" your chart with lots of users that will want to display it (on the jenkins/hudson welcome screen for example)
In build search results, allow to limit number of results (radio button allowing "unlimited" and "limited to XXX results")
Allow to select build start or build end for stats gathering (build end could be calculated with build start + duration). For now, we use only build start
(if possible) Allow to click on a date to display date builds (no matter the build result)
If possible, provide tooltips on chart, displaying the 10 first job names matching with the current hovered region

Tasks :


1.5 (October 23, 2017)

1.3 (April, 5th, 2012)