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This plugin adds a new view type that can be selected when adding job views. This view does not show any jobs, but rather contains another set of views. By default, clicking on the view tab for a nested view shows a list of the subviews it contains (with folder icons). You can also configure a default subview to bypass this intermediate page and jump directly to that default view. Now the view tabs across the top show the views in this nested view, and the job list is for this default subview. This streamlines the navigation between views, but makes it harder to find the Edit View link for the nested view itself. Once a default subview has been assigned, navigate to the edit page by first clicking the plus ("+") icon in the view tabs (for adding a new subview) and then find the Edit View link in the sidepanel.

Note, that starting from 1.10 columns Status and Weather are switched off by default because of issues with performance, but if you'd like to have them, just edit your view and add respective columns.


Change Log

Version 1.14 (November 23, 2013)
Version 1.13 (November 5, 2013)
  • Fixed view results to be gray if no jobs were run in subviews yet (issue #17040)
  • Fixed deleting of subviews (it didn't save on disk) (issue #20382)
Version 1.12 (October 30, 2013)
  • Fixed view results (aggregating of subviews and jobs) to follow the correct priority - if at least one job is red, then the view will be red (issue #19716)
Version 1.11 (September 25, 2013)
  • Fixed creation of subviews if Nested View is the default one (JENKINS-17041)
  • Support checking duplicate names with jenkins 1.512 or newer (JENKINS-18053)
Version 1.10 (April 7, 2013)
  • Added an ability to remove or add Weather and Status columns which speeds up nested views (JENKINS-17352)
Version 1.9 (August 16, 2012)
  • Improved performance and accuracy when computing worst result and health for large views
  • add support for hierarchical job model (ex : cloudbees folder plugin)
  • display grey icon when no nested content has been built