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Known issue and workaround

titleFixed in 2.5

This issue has been fixed in release 2.5 of the plugin however all the shelves created using an earlier version of the plugin will have the issue and you'll need to apply the workaround.

There is a currently a known issue in Core, making the tar function breaking the symlinks. Sadly, the Shelve Pipeline Plugin is using this tar function, and therefore the symlinks are lost during the shelving/unshelving process.


Code Block
find ${JENKINS_HOME}/jobs/ -type d \( -name lastFailedBuild -o -name lastSuccessfulBuild -o -name lastUnsuccessfulBuild -o -name lastStableBuild -o -name lastUnstableBuild -o -name lastFailed -o -name lastSuccessful -o -name lastUnsuccessful -o -name lastStable -o -name lastUnstable \) -exec rm -rfv "{}" \;

Version History

UnreleasedFrom version 2.5 on, the changelog is available in github.

Version 2.4 (2019-03-28)

  • Add back public API methods and their documentation (JENKINS-56181)

  • Allow users with Delete rights to shelve a project (JENKINS-55462)