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Comment: 2.14

Wiki Markup
This plugin currently un-maintained and looking for a new owner. Contact the Jenkins Dev mailing list if you need any further information.

This bundled plugin integrates Jenkins with CVS version control system.

Note: This plugin was part of the Jenkins core until 1.340. After that, it was split out into a separately update-able plugin. However, for backwards compatibility purposes, subsequent core releases still bundle the (old) version. If you do not use this plugin at all, you can simply disable it.

Change Log

Version 2.14 (Feb 28, 2018)

  • Jira
    serverJenkins JIRA
  • Jira
    serverJenkins JIRA
     necessary for users of Jenkins 2.102+
  • Use standard JSch library (PR 47)
Version 2.13 (Jan 18, 2017)
  • Select the checkout timestamp wisely to honor the spirit of quiet period (pull request)
  • CVS plugin now works with Jenkins Pipeline (JENKINS-27717)
  • Ignore recusive symlinks during cvs update (JENKINS-23234)


  • Build tagging allows direct creation of a branch rather than a tag (JENKINS-2460)
  • Checking out a non head location does not try and use sticky dates (JENKINS-13789)
  • Checking out a submodule, or a module into a subdirectory no longer causes CVS to throw an exception (JENKINS-13264)
  • Checkout/update no longer leaves the workspace looking like it needs updated before commit/build actions (JENKINS-13734)
  • SSH authentication file path separators are changed to match local system requirements when moving between slaves/host (JENKINS-13764)
  • Legacy mode can now be disabled properly - regression in Version 2.4 (JENKINS-14141)