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This plugin allows Hudson Jenkins to invoke IBM WebSphere Application Server's wsadmin as a build step.


This plugin supports:

  • WAS 6.0 (versions 1.0 and to 1.1 6 successfully tested with WAS – should work with other 6.0.2.x versions)
  • WAS 6.1 (not yet tested)
  • WAS 7.0 (version 1.1 to 1.6 successfully tested with Administration Thin Client built from WAS – should work with other 7.0.0.x versions)
  • WAS 8.0 (version 1.6 successfully tested with full WebSphere v8 non-ND installation – thanks Ilko Iliev for the feedback)

User guide

Before adding a WAS build step to a job, the WAS Builder plugin must be configured as follow:

  • First, one or several WAS installations must be defined in HudsonJenkins' s main configuration panel (cf. upper part of the screenshot below). These WAS installations must not necessarily correspond to some running WAS servers: The plugin simply uses their wsadmin command (the one located in the bin folder of the installed product) to connect to remote servers.
  • Once at least one installation is defined, you need to save the changes and to go back to HudsonJenkins' s main configuration panel to be able to define the servers that the jobs will use (lower part of the screenshot above).



When defining a build step for WAS 6.0, be sure to refer to the inline help to know if you can use it: Some options (job ID, trace file, etc.) are available only for WAS 6.1 or greater.


Check-out this post on IBM developerWorks to get an introduction on how this plugin can be used (thanks Ilko).

Version history

Version 1.


6.1 (10/20/2011)

Version 1.6 (08/07/2011)

  • Update for Jenkins

Version 1.5 (04/23/2010)

  • Added a new Wsadmin command field (at the WAS installation level) allowing to tweak the wsadmin.bat/ command actually run, for example to prefix it with sudo.
  • The list of WAS servers is now alphabetically sorted when saving the global configuration.

Version 1.4 (04/13/2010)

  • The Run if option now allows to use boolean parameters in addition to build or environment variables.

Version 1.3 (04/13/2010)

  • Added an option which allows creating automatically, if the locks-and-latches plugin is installed, one lock per defined WAS server.

Version 1.2 (04/06/2010)

  • Added an option for allowing the wsadmin user/password at the build step level.

Version 1.1 (03/30/2010)

Version 1.0.1 (01/24/2010)

  • Bug fix: Installations defined for slave nodes were not taken into account; The plugin was always referring to the installation on the master node.

Version 1.0 (12/18/2009)

  • Initial release