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3. After saving the configuration, run build once. The published HTML reports are available to view from within Jenkins with convenient links in the dashboard.

Version History

Version 1.16 (April 16th, 2018)

  • Fix security vulnerability
    Note: As a side effect of this change, the URLs and directory names of archived reports will change. If you have external links pointing to reports in Jenkins, they may need to be adapted.

Version 1.15 (March 28th, 2018)

  • White space in report name, directory, files, and titles configuration settings is now all trimmed. (JENKINS-47034)
  • Index page titles can now be passed in as a parameter for Freestyle builds (Part of JENKINS-44786)
  • Note: Currently the HTML Publisher plugin will resolve parameters passed in with pipeline builds. This is not considered best practice and therefore should be considered deprecated - resolving the parameter should be done via Groovy. The current behaviour will be removed in a future release but will only create a warning in this release.