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Comment: Chapter and gotcha for Notify about build start


If a build fails and there are no committers to the job itself the IM plugin looks for committers to upstream builds. If there are any, all of them are notified. If there are no committers to the immediate upstream builds, the plugin looks one level higher and notifies possible committers there. And so on, if needed.

Notify about build start

In freestyle and similar legacy jobs, the post-build action from a protocol plugin such as an "IRC Notification" has a checkbox to also "Notify on build starts".

Equivalent effect can be achieved in a pipeline with an explicit step at an early stage, e.g. ircNotify notifyOnStart:true - this may be changed in the future.

Manage jobs via a 'bot'

You can control various features of jobs via a bot. To do so you can send commands to it within a chatroom (or as private messages).


  • This plugin serializes all builds for a job which is configured with the Execute concurrent builds option. Means: build n will never finish before build n+1. Build n+1 will always wait until n finishes - even if n+1 would have finished long before n. This is required because the plugin needs to determine the build result trend  (e.g. for FIXED, STILL FAILING, STILL UNSTABLE) for the notifications.
  • Pipeline support for start-of-build notifications currently requires a special syntax, detailed elsewhere in this article.


Version 1.38 (2019-08-09)