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You would like to add rules to the game that are only valid for your organization and do not want to share them. To do this you should declare the game plugin as a mandatory dependency to your plugin. Then implement the Rule and add them to the RuleBook as in above point.


Upcoming version Requires Hudson 1.320 or later

  • Fixed so no points are awarded for a build if previous build reports has an error. (JENKINS-4391)
  • Hopefully fixed the NPE in the Violations plugin. (JENKINS-3726)
  • Added feature to handle user names case insensitive. (JENKINS-3990)
  • Fixed 404 when clicking on Leaderboard in any view but the main view (JENKINS-3604)
  • Added localisation support. So if you want help out, please check the Internationalization page. (JENKINS-3484)