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Comment: Release-information for v1.9


Additionally, it is possible to automatically override the number of builds this year / month / week / day with values taken from environment-variables. Instead of just providing a simple number in the form-fields of the job's plugin-configuration which overrides the value for the next build (as described above), you can instead provide an environment-variable whose value will be extracted and used during the next builds. If it is not set or its value is not convertible to a positive integer (without loosing precision), the value of the previous build will be taken instead and increased by one (as is the standard behavior).


Version 1.9

  • Release Nov 17, 2017
  • Accepted merge-request #12. ("Adding functionality to limit the number of characters from a variable.")
  • Fixed bug JENKINS-18171. ("Version Number plugin doesn't increment build numbers after an unstable build.")
    • NOTE: This changes the checkbox for "skipping failed builds" (which actually meant to not increase the version-number if the former run was not successful) to a combobox of values.
      The transition works smoothly and does not change the former behavior. However, you should update the configuration of each job that had this checkbox checked (and save it)!
      (This assures that later updates of this plugin will not break your behavior due to this change.)


  •  IMPORTANT: This might be the last update for this plugin in a long time, because I (user: bahadir) cannot maintain it any longer.
    Please volunteer to become the new maintainer of this plugin!

Version 1.8.1

  • Release Oct 11, 2016
  • Fixed bug JENKINS-26729. ("Endless loop when evaluating environment variables")