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Configuring the NCover Plugin

  1. Install the NCover plugin (via Manage Hudson -> Manage Plugins)
  2. Configure your project's build script to generate NCover HTML reports (See below for an example with Gallio)
  3. Enable the "Publisher NCover HTML report" publisher
  4. Specify the HTML report directory which is generated by NCover, relative to the project workspace.

Generating NCover HTML reports

For generic help on this topic, see

When using Gallio, you can simply use the NCover runner. You'll need to pass two arguments to Gallio.Echo.exe. Make sure to replace the variables in caps with the actual path you want:

  • /runner:ncover3
  • /runner-property:NCoverArguments="//html HTML_DIR_NAME //at TRENDS_FILE"
    • The "//at TRENDS_FILE" is optional but will keep track of coverage over time and include graphs in your HTML report

An example command might look like:

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 C:\Program Files\Gallio\bin\Gallio.Echo.exe "C:\path\to\your.dll" /runner:ncover3 /runner-property:NCoverArguments="//html artifacts\coverage-html //at ncover3.trend"

Version History

Version 0.1.0 (2009/06/23)

  • Initial release, allowing for archiving and displaying of NCover HTML coverage report directories.