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titleTable of Contents
Table of Contents

System requirement

Jenkins requires Java7 or above to function. Java8 is recommended. Jenkins requires a fair amount of memory to operate well. Smaller installations should start around 256MB-1GB.

Unix/Linux Installation

Jenkins has native integrations with the following OSes. See respective sections for how to make Jenkins run in the background automatically:


Alternatively, if you have a servlet container that supports Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.03.1, such as Glassfish v2v4, Tomcat 5 8 (or any later versions), then you can run them as services, and deploy jenkins.war as you would any other war file. Container specific documentation is available if you choose this route.
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Installation Wizard

TODO. This feature is under development.

Jenkins Offline Installation

See details.

Case Studies

Also, see how other people are deploying Jenkins/Hudson to get some idea of how to make it fit your environment.