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Quickly benefit from Sonar, an open-source Code Quality Management Platform based on many well known analysis tools like Checkstyle, PMD, Findbugs, Cobertura, ....


Once your technical project is configured in Hudson, just activate the Sonar plugin in order to analyze your source code according to the following quality axes :

  • Respect of coding rules violations
  • Density of documented API
  • Density of duplicated Code
  • Level of code coverage by Unit Tests
  • Density of potential bugs
  • Complexity distribution
Why using Sonar ?
  • There isn't any necessary configuration for Maven project and a basic one for Ant project
  • All those quality axes are displayed in one page : the project dashboard
  • You can easily drill down from the measure values to the module (Maven), package and classes (source code viewer)

Sonar drives many tools including among others :


All projects

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Project dashboard

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  1. Install and start the Sonar server
  2. Activate the sonar plugin from the Hudson Plugin Manager
  3. Define a Sonar installation from the Configure System page
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  4. Activate sonar on jobs from the "Post-build actions" section:
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  5. Build your project

    We recommend to execute Sonar at the most on nightly builds. It's useless to activate it on continuous builds.

  6. View your project in Sonar application (default is http://localhost:9000)

Release notes

See the roadmap

1.0 (May 20th, 2009)


Compatible with Sonar 1.8 and later. For older versions, please use 0.2.



Compatible with Sonar versions <= 1.8.

  • SONAR-326 : manage jobs that are not built with maven2
  • SONAR-325 : use the configured maven installation


  • Initial release



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This plugin allow easy integration of SonarQube™, the open source platform for Continuous Inspection of code quality.