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This plugin controls the language of Jenkins

Normally, Jenkins honors the browser's language preference if a translation is available for the preferred language, and uses the system default locale for messages during a build. This plugin allows you to:


To additionally force this language on all users, overriding their browser language, you can check the "Ignore browser preference and force this language to all users" option.


Version 1.4 (Nov 01, 2018)
  • (info) PR #6 - Add support of the configuration section title localization
Version 1.3 (Jun 22, 2018)
  • (plus) JENKINS-52131 - Provide API for setting the "Ignore Browser Settings" flag programatically
  • (info) PR #3 - Update Plugin POM and tooling in the plugin to suppress warnings about obsolete plugin format on Modern Jenkins versions
  • (info) Update minimal Jenkins core requirement to 1.625.3