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  1. Set up your developing environment as described in the Plugin tutorial
  2. Create a new plug-in that depends on the latest release of the warnings plug-in
  3. Add a new parser class that implements WarningsParser. If your parser is based on regular expressions, then consider extending from either RegexpDocumentParser (multi-line parser) or RegexpLineParser (single-line parser).
  4. Annotate your class with @Extension
  5. Package your plug-in and deploy it to your Jenkins instance


Release 4.65

Release 4.64

Release 4.63

  • Compute author and commit information using the Git blame command. Show report of warnings by user on the job page and in the dashboard view. ( JENKINS-6748 - Analysis of Checkstyle Warnings per User RESOLVED )
  • Removed script checking with script security plugin, now a simple permission check makes editing of Groovy scripts secure (
    serverJenkins JIRA
  • Added option to filter for categories (thanks to jpfeuffer for the pull request)
  • Make java parser be compatible with Kotlin compiler (thanks to Sean Flanigan for the pull request
  • Improved IAR parser (thanks to Kay van der Zander vor the pull request)