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Please note that svn copy is cheap because it doesn't duplicate file contents when not necessary. URL to URL copy is also fast because there is no data transfer from Hudson to Subversion, unlike maven scm plugin's "tag" goal.
The tag base URL must be created in advance.


System configuration

The default tag base URL and the template of tag comment can be specified. Those values are automatically populated when this plugin is enabled in the job's configuration.

  • Base tag URL's hostname must be identical with the one of Subversion URL. Different notation (e.g. raw IP address and hostname, short hostname and fully qualified hostname, or using alias) is recognized as different servers so that please make sure to use the identical hostname.
  • The template of comment recognizes groovy syntax. Map returned from hudson.model.AbsutractBuild#getEnvVars() and System Properties are bound so that you can refer them as env and sys respectively.
  • The value of Map (and Properties) can be refered like this.
    Code Block
    Build: ${env['BUILD_TAG']} on OS ${sys['']} ${sys['os.version']}. 
  • Compilation happens when the focus is moved from the text field. Please check if the quotes, braces, and brackets are balanced when you get a compilation error.

Job configuration

You can customize the tag base URL and comment specific for the job. The default values specified at System configuration is populated as the default values when the plugin is enabled.


  • Support for authentication methods other than "Username/password". Please implement the feature if you need authentication by ssh or client certificate.


4/17/08 Version 1.0


  • Initial checkin.