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This plugin allows you to distinguish good builds from bad builds by introducing the notion of 'promotion'.

Put simply, a promoted build is a successful build that passed additional criteria (such as more comprehensive tests that are set up as downstream jobs.) The typical situation in which you use promotion is where you have multiple 'test' jobs hooked up as downstream jobs of a 'build' job. You'll then configure the build job so that the build gets promoted when all the test jobs passed successfully. This allows you to keep the build job run fast (so that developers get faster feedback when a build fails), and you can still distinguish builds that are good from builds that compiled but had runtime problems.


  • PROMOTED_USER_NAME - the user who triggered the promotion
  • PROMOTED_USER_ID - the user's id who triggered the promotion
  • PROMOTED_JOB_FULL_NAME - the full name of the promoted job


Version 3.3 and newer versions


Version 3.2 (JUN 4, 2018)
  • PR #116 -  Show the full display name of runs in promoted build parameters


Authorized actions

Granted Permissions
Overall/AdministerPromotion/PromoteUser/group in the manual condition user listJob/Read
ApproveY (new)NYN (new)
Re-executeYN (new)YN (new)
ForceYN (new)Y (new)N


Version 2.31.1 (Feb 13, 2018)