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Run Jenkins using Java 11

WIP: Stay tuned: an article is planned to land on in the next hours/days (smile). Draft version: See the Java 11 Preview Availability announcement

Develop and test your plugin for running on Java 11


  • The existing "mvn hpi:run" command will not work correctly on Java 11 unless Java modules are downloaded and passed to the environment (
    serverJenkins JIRA
  • If you use Mockito/PowerMock in your plugin tests, you may need to update to the recent versions with Java 11 support 
    • Jira
      serverJenkins JIRA
       tracks adding the versions to Plugin POM dependency management. Plugin POM 3.32 is recommended
    • You may also need to add test annotations to workaround PowerMock Issue #864. Example for the Jenkins Core
  • In some cases FindBugs may crash in some cases (
    serverJenkins JIRA
    ), workarounds may be needed

See the "Known developer tools issues" for more known issues in Plugin POM and Jenkins plugins.

Make sure your plugin is tested in Continuous Integration on Java 8 and Java 11 at the same time

Since this addition, it is now recommended that you use the following configuration in your plugin: 

buildPlugin(configurations: buildPlugin.recommendedConfigurations())

By default, this will build your plugin:

  • on the default configuration, extracted from your pom.xml
  • on Jenkins 2.164.1 using a JDK 8
  • on Jenkins 2.164.1 using a JDK 11

All this both on Windows and Linux.

Release an experimental plugin version specifically for Java 11


Documented in the PCT repository:

Current status of many plugins (please comment there to get access, or send an email if you tested another opensource plugin).

Run Acceptance Test Harness (aka ATH) using Java 11

Documented on the ATH repository:

Jenkins Core known issues with Java 11

If you hit this issue 

serverJenkins JIRA
 about live reloading of resources in Jenkins, the current workaround is "mvn"

Known developer tools issues