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  1. Select Pipeline and click OK.
  2. To restrict where this project can run, first refer to Create an execution node and then see Controlling your build environment.

    open the Project Configuration section, and select Restrict where this project can be run. Select the appropriate node. For details, see Create an execution node.
  3. Scroll down to the Pipeline section.
  4. Click Pipeline Syntax.
  5. In Sample Step select LoadRunnerTest: Run LoadRunner performance scenario tests.
  6. In the Tests box, enter a test with its full absolute path, or a folder or MTB containing one or more tests or LoadRunner scenarios. To specify multiple entries, click the down arrow on the right of the field and enter each test path on a separate line. Make sure that the paths are accessible from all machines in the local network.
  7. In Report archive mode follow Set up the Post Build Actions section.
  8. Follow the Free Style Job section, steps 5 through 7.
  9. Click Generate Pipeline Script.
  10. Copy the output beneath the Generate Pipeline Script button.
  11. Go back to the Pipeline section.
  12. Paste the copied code into the Script block (read here for how to write pipeline).
  13. Click Apply to save your changes and continue with more build steps. Click Save when you are finished adding build steps.