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  • Compuware ISPW Operations Plugin

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  • On the Configuration page of the job or project, select Execute a Compuware ISPW Operation from the Build section.

  • From the Host connection list, select the host connection to be used to connect to CES host. Alternatively, to add a connection, click Manage connections. The Host connections section of the Jenkins configuration page appears so a connection can be added.

  • In the CES secret token list, select the CES token configured in the CES host for the ISPW. Alternatively, click Add to add secret text as token using the Plain Credentials plugin. Refer to the Jenkins documentation for the Plain Credentials plugin.
  • In the Action section to define what ISPW operation to perform
    • CreateAssignment 
    • GetAssignmentInfo
    • GetAssignmentTaskList
    • GenerateTasksInAssignment
    • PromoteAssignment
    • DeployAssignment
    • RegressAssignment
    • GetReleaseInfo
    • GetReleaseTaskList
    • CreateRelease
    • GenerateTasksInRelease
    • GetReleaseTaskGenerateListing
    • GetReleaseTaskInfo
    • PromoteRelease
    • GetSetInfoAction
    • GetSetTaskListAction

    • GetSetTaskListAction

  • In the Request section, please specify additional request parameters, click the question mark for more details. Each of the action may have different set of properties, if the job support web hook callback, additional event related properties must be provided. The web hook callback only works for pipeline build.