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This plugin reads the "crappy methods" report from Crap4J. Hudson will Jenkins will generate the trend report of crap percentage and provide detailed information about changes.

Users will be able to track which methods are crappy and when they entered and left the code base.


  1. Get the crap4j plugin, preferably using hudson's plugin Jenkins plugin manager
  2. Install the crap4j plugin in your hudsonJenkins, if downloaded manually
  3. Configure your project's build script to generate crap4j XML reports (This happens along with the HTML report)
  4. Enable the "Publish Crap" publisher on the job configuration page
  5. Specify the directory where the crap4j report (report.xml) is generated
  6. Perform some builds to receive a trend


This plugin is developed and maintained by Daniel Lindner with kind support from Softwareschneiderei GmbH. Please feel free to contact me for feedback. If you have suggestions for new features or you've found a bug, please use the issue tracker or the mailing lists. If you use the issue tracker, assign the issue directly to ID dlindner.


Next Release:

Release 0.9 (2014-10-22):

  • Fail-fast behaviour by explicitly signaling missing report files (see Issue 24912)
  • Uses Jenkins URL instead of server name now (see Issue 22279)

Release 0.8 (2010-08-01):