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  • Improved MSTest, MbUnit, AUnit, NUnit, QtTest XSLT to produce a report more compliant with surefire XSD
  • Change UI rendering of the report tool and clarify the pattern description
  • JENKINS-37611 Add support for pipeline using @Symbol annotation to xunit and its parameters (nfalco79)
  • Official supported JUnit schema are Ant junit and Maven Surefire)


  • JENKINS-42715 xUnit does not support PHPUnit 5.x skipped attribute (nfalco79 to ray)
  • JENKINS-47194 xUnit should not consider report generated by other xUnit step (nfalco79)
  • JENKINS-10911 xUnit not detecting Ignored MSTest and NUnit Tests (nfalco79)
  • JENKINS-51347 Test Status "notrun" being reported as "failed" test (nfalco79)
  • JENKINS-13113 xUnit plugins detects MSTEST "NotExecuted" as successed instead of skipped (nfalco79)