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Configuration Options

There are two several global configuration options.  These options may be found by going to "Manage Jenkins" → "Configure System".  The two options here are for the autobuilder email address, and the format for how the packages will be numbered.  

  • Email address - this is the email that is set in the changelog entry for the build.  It need not be an actual email address
  • Version format - Determines how the package will be versioned if not a tag build
  • Debian directory - determines where the debian/ folder is, by default the project should be checked out to a directory called 'source'

Project Setup(Traditional)


  1. Create a new project.  If you want to build for multiple architectures, select "Multi-configuration project"
  2. Checkout source code.  When you checkout the source code for the project, it must be should be in a subdirectory called 'source'(this value can be changed on either a per-build configuration or globally).  This can be done as either an SVN repository, or a git repository.  To checkout to the proper directory using git, go to "Additional Behaviors" and select "Check out to a sub-directory", and put "source" as the value.  To checkout to the proper directory using SVN, under "Local module directory" put "source" as the value.
  3. Under 'Build Environment', select 'Delete workspace before build starts'

  4. If you have a matrix configuration project, add a new variable called "architecture".  Put in the proper architectures to build for in this section; this must map to a valid architecture that exists in the distribution repos.

  5. Under the 'Build' section, add 'Debian Pbuilder'. Most of these settings may be left at their default values, however it is highly recommended to fill in the "Distribution" and "Mirror Site" variables in order to ensure that you get a consistent build.  Otherwise, pbuilder will use the defaults for whatever distribution you are currently running.

  6. If you have custom pbuilder hook files that you want to install, install the Config File Provider to add in config files. Set the 'target' option to be `hookdir/<file-name>`.


Please file any bugs that you may find on the Jenkins JIRA, using the debian-pbuilder-plugin component.

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  Click here for all open issues.


Version 1.3(2018-01-13)
  • Plugin does not depend on pipeline
  • Fixed JENKINS-48921
Version 1.2(2017-12-23)
  • First official release on
  • No changes to code since version 1.1, only documentation/POM updates