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Version 1.2.5 (


Nov 22, 2017)

  • JENKINS-46597 - Fix serialization errors due to checkout returned environment variables.
  • JENKINS-47928 - Don't run post failure block for skipped parallel container stages after previous stage failures.
  • JENKINS-46854 - Better validation of errors in script and expression blocks defined in the editor.
  • JENKINS-48115 - Pick workflow-step-api 2.14 to make sure we don't get hosed by bad metasteps.
  • JENKINS-37663 - Fix junit 1.22 and later UNSTABLE result check in post by comparing CpsFlowExecution.getResult() as well as Run.getResult().
  • JENKINS-46252 - Mark any job that's had a Declarative run with DeclarativeJobAction.