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A Jenkins Plugin to deploy configurations to Azure Container Service (AKS).

It also supports deployment to the legacy Azure Container Service (ACS) with the following orchestrator:

It also supports deployments on Azure Kubernetes Service.

It provides the following main functionality:

  • Integration with ACS. Allow you to select existing ACS clusters and manages the authentication credentials.
  • Unified configure interface for all the supported orchestrator.
  • Variable substitution for configurations, which enables dynamic deployment in CI/CD.
  • Docker login credentials management for pulling images from private repository.



acsDeploy(azureCredentialsId: '<azure-credential-id>',
          resourceGroupName: '<resource-group-name>',
          containerService: '<acs-name> | <acs-type>',
          sshCredentialsId: '<ssh-credentials-id>',
          configFilePaths: '<configuration-file-paths>',
          enableConfigSubstitution: true,
          // Kubernetes
          secretName: '<secret-name>',
          secretNamespace: '<secret-namespace>',
          // Docker Swarm
          swarmRemoveContainersFirst: true,
          // DC/OS Marathon
          dcosDockerCredentialsPath: '<dcos-credentials-path>',
          containerRegistryCredentials: [
              [credentialsId: '<credentials-id>', url: '<docker-registry-url>']


Azure Container Service Plugin collects usage data and sends it to Microsoft to help improve our products and services. Read our privacy statement to learn more.

You can turn off usage data collection in Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Azure -> Help make Azure Jenkins plugins better by sending anonymous usage statistics to Azure Application Insights.


Version 0.2.3, 2018-04-03

  • Support for credentials lookup in Folders

Version 0.2.2, 2018-02-09

  • Abort the build flow if the deployment failed